Different Strokes – Show 4 – Part 2 – Mixamorphosis




Another show is in the bag and another month of great music. This month it was all about Maricopa, but for those of you who are interested in Part 2 of the Different Strokes show, here is my own 90 minute selection.

Next month (17th December), I am delighted to be hosting – The Starkiller! Don’t miss it!


01. Rhian Sheehan – Traveller
02. Camelle Hinds – Sausalito Calling (Blazing Encore’s Take It As You Please Regroove)
03. Walter Hawkins – Metropolis
04. Jon Hopkins – Searchlight
05. Turin Brakes – Ether Song
06. Arthur Lee – Everybody’s Gotta Live (The Apple Scruffs Edit)
07. The Search Party – So Many Things Have Got Me Down (Ole Smokey‘s Instrumental Edit)
08. Interfearance – Never Change Pt 1
09. Unforscene – The Intro (Waiting For Rain)
10. Fissunix – Ramble On Blues
11. DJ Shadow – Scale It Back (Ex-Friendly Space Mix)
12. Naum Gabo – Dino
13. Onyricon – Sweet Dreams (Sun Mix)
14. Charles Bukowski – The Laughing Heart (Softmore Version)
15. Outkast – Spottieottiedopalicious
16. JJ Cale – Magnolia
17. Vermont – Lithium
18. Flying White Dots – Sunday Morning, April 14th
19. Mudd – C40



Different Strokes – Show 4 – Part 1 – Maricopa


This months guest mix comes from the very talented Belfast based producer, Maricopa. He first came to my attention in 2012 with his debut release on the reliably good Tusk Wax label. I’ve been keenly following him since then and in that time he has gone on to have releases with Back To The Balearics, Fools & Fables Recordings and Above Machine.

You should also check out the other mixes/podcasts he has put together via his Soundcloud page. You’ll find a treasure trove of eclectic goodness. For now though, here is the mix he has done for my show, Different Strokes on Box Frequency… Enjoy!!

Links for Maricopa – Soundcloud  //  Facebook  //  Twitter


01. Date Palms – Night Riding The Skyline
02. Deru – The Future Never Comes
03. Bohren & der Club of Gore – I’m Rauch
04. Les Prospection – Lido
05. BadBadNotGood – Differently, Still
06. Tom Scott and The L.A. Express – Spindrift
07. Roy Porter Sound Machine – Hip City
08. Cal Tjader - Meditação
09. Bonobo – The Shark
10. AstroLogical – Afternoon Cruise
11. Shigeto – Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4
12. Evil Needle – Mood Music
13. Closed Paradise – Get Your Bearings
14. Maricopa feat. Nicola Kramer – We Could Maybe (Twisted Tongue Remix)
15. Route 8 – Dreamsss
16. Vakula – Night Walks
17. Shigeto – Look At All The Smiling Faces
18. Closed Paradise – Jungles Goddess

Different Strokes – Show 3 – Part 2 – Mixamorphosis




Here we are with Part 2 of Octobers ‘Different Strokes’. As usual, the second part comes in the form of my self riding on the coat tails of my fabulous guest, this month - Mannmademusic. You can find the Mannmademusic mix and tracklist in the post below this one. As usual you will find a linked up tracklist below the Soundcloud player.

Next month my guest is the excellent Maricopa! Join the Facebook event page for updates and reminders and tune in at 7pm (UK Time) on BoxFrequency.FM



01. HNNY – Exactly
02. Hackman – Change My Life
03. Terranova – Question Mark (KiNK Remix)
04. Max Graef & Mic Newman – Relaxin’ At The Flip
05. Dubble D pres. Moodymanc – Mr Ruff (Kyodai Remix)
06. Slove – Flash (Pachanga Boys Remix)
07. Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Bookin’ Da Beats Mix)
08. Scientific Dreamz Of U – Spatial Phase Inversion
09. Superpitcher – Delta
10. Vince Watson – It’s Not Over (C2 Remix)
11. Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here
12. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Tale Of Us & Mano LeTough Remix)
13. Sailor & I – Turn Around (Ame Remix)
14. Dauwd – Heat Division
15. Baikal – Why Don’t Ya? (Ripperton Remix – Dixon Edit)
16. Marc Pinol – Cleff III (Espacio Interior Mix by Casablanca)
17. ####### – #######

Different Strokes – Show 3 – Part 1 – Mannmademusic




The third Different Strokes show has rolled around pretty quickly and it feels like we’re getting up a head of steam now. This months guest is none other than the fabulous Mannmademusic, aka Iain Mann. I first encountered Mannmademusic‘s output when I happened to stumble across the Audio Parallax  label in the run up to their first release. I had been a keen follower of Matthew Kyle (aka NoRequests / Softmore) and the debut EP from APR came from Mannmademusic and featured a remix from Matthew Kyle. I think my blog might even have been the first to have featured APR via the Soundcloud Sunday posts I used to do on the Blogger platform and can recall a rather chuffed label boss David Kenney e-mailed me the same day to thank me for including the label in my post; which in turn made me rather chuffed because most people didn’t take the time to do such a thing as write a thank you note.

Three years down the line and Mannmademusic has a string of very well received releases under his belt, including a few vinyl releases on respected labels such as Glenview, Shadeleaf and Lumberjacks In Hell…. with more in the pipeline. So having been a keen follower of his output for a few years now, it was a real bonus to have been given the chance to air an exclusive DJ set from Mannmademusic for my Different Strokes show on Box Frequency.

As usual, you will find a linked up tracklist below the Soundcloud player. Enjoy!!!

Links to Mannmademusic – Soundcloud  // Hearthis.at  //  Youtube



01. Floating Points – Montparneasse
02. KiNK – Leko
03. Kitano – For The King
04. BG Baarregaard – Flashback In My Mind
05. James Brown – Give It Up (Reflex Edit) [Free via Soundcloud]
06. 6th Borough Project – Miss World (Ooft! Remix)
07. Ilija Rudman – Night People (6th Borough Project Live Dub)
08. Cronk Family Enterprises – A Quiet Rebellion
09. Patchworks – Down To The Valley
10. Alena – Use 2 Hold Me (Inkswel Remix)
11. Pollyn – Sometimes You Just Know (Moodymann Remix)
12. Robert Palmer – Work To Make It Work (Revenge Edit)
13. Salvatore Stallone – Etes (Re-edit Rule Mix)
14. Klic & Lokiboi – Slow Down
15. NY*AK – How I Feel
16. Erdbeerschnitzel – To An End
17. MCDE – Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
18. Mr V – Jus Dance (Sole Channel Mix)

Different Strokes – Show 2 – Part 2 – Mixamorphosis

Different Strokes - Show 02



Part 2 of the Different Strokes Radio Show, as usual, comes from myself. Septembers show follows on from Part 1 and has a 4/4 flavour, although slightly slower. As is often the case, I got a little bored sticking with the 4/4 vibe and spiralled into something more eclectic. I hope you don’t mind :)

It won’t be too long before we hit Octobers show, which airs on 15th October over on Box Frequency….. my guest will be the highly talented Mannmademusic.

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1. Mr Scruff & Kaidi Tatham – Fresh Noodles
2. Mannmademusic – Flexing
3. Dropouts – All My Love
4. Andy Hart – Love Technology [Discogs]
5. Causa – Magic Castle
6. Frozen Pension – Three Cheers For Fear
7. Dionigi – In The B Side World
8. Glasser – Learn (John Talabot Remix)
9. Max Graef – Running
10. StarRo – Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind [Free via Soundcloud]
11. Comiskey Park – No Bounds (Reduction Kiln Version)
12. Tempelhof – Piano Piano
13. [Re:Jazz] – That Night [Discogs]
14. Curtis Mayfield – Underground
15. Gil Scott-Heron – Better Days Ahead
16. Kabuki ft. Cleveland Watkiss – After The Fire
17. ambientsketchbook – The Last Broadcast
18. 6th Borough Project – Outro
19. Darondo – Let Our People Go [Discogs]



Different Strokes Radio Show – Show 2 – PART 1 – Simon Cox

Different Strokes - Show 02

Due to being a little under the weather of late, I’m a bit slower than I’d normally be in getting this months mixes posted to the blog. Although not 100%, I’m a little better and I’m taking the opportunity to get some work done online.

Septembers show, broadcast on the 17th of the month, was well received by the regulars in the Box Frequency chatroom, which makes my involvement with the station worth all the effort. My guest this month was Simon Cox, a friend of many years having grown up in the same area and gone to the same school. Simon has been DJ-ing as a hobby for many years now, and much like myself, he does it for the love of the music he listens to. Apart from putting excellent sets together, Simon has recently started to dip his toes into the world of production, so I very much encourage you to head over to his Soundcloud page and have a dig around.

Onto the music; as usual you will find the tracklist below the music player and it is linked up as best as possible with where to get your hands on the music used. Enjoy!

Follow Simon Cox on Soundcloud


1. Napoleon – Dawn [Free via Mixmag]
2. Emil Rottmayer – Eightyseven Part 2 (Emil’s Deeper Mix) [Free via Soundcloud]
3. Dolle Jolle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje Extra Doll Remix)
4. Mutant Clan – On & Amp
5. Marius – Love Gun (6th Borough Project Mix)
6. Andre Lodemann – Feeling Good
7. Langenberg – Sun & Sorrow (Dub Mix)
8. Kit Mason – Tape Reunion
9. Central Rodeo – Something Wrong [Free via label]
10. Chronophone Ft Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cry’s Mary (8am Edit)
11. Guy Gerber & Guti – The Man From Atlantis
12. Dief & Baker – Olingtuito [Free via Mixmag]
13. Cristoph – Dubs Business
14. Roland Tings – Floating On A Salt Lake [Free via Xlr8r]
15. David August – Epikur
16. ZZT – Zzafrika (Julio Bashmore Mix)


If anyone has legal links for the unlinked tracks, do drop me a message and I’ll add it in.



Different Strokes – Show 1 – Part 2 – Mixamorphosis

dL & Mixa


Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the debut ‘Different Strokes’ show which was contributed by The dL, so today it’s onto Part 2 which was put together by me. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I really feel that the guests are the stars (well apart from the music itself of course) and I feel like I’m riding on their coat tails. Creating mixes has always been about fun for me. It’s not about being a ‘DJ’ and it’s not about trying to become a DJ; it’s purely about playing music that I enjoy and having a little fun at the same time. If other people enjoy the selections of music that I put together, then that is a big bonus.

As will become the norm, the tracklist is below and will be linked to where you can buy them (or grab free if that is how they are available). I hope you enjoy both the mixes from the first show, if you do, please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ my guests through the links I provide, and if you have enjoyed what I have done you can follow me through the usual places to keep up to date with what is going on…. links for me are on the side menu.


01. The Blaxploited Orchestra – The Pursuit (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Remix)
02. DJ Steef – Music Of The Hot
03. Laura Lee – Crumbs (Fingerman’s Disco Beatdown) <<< Free via Soundcloud >>>
04. Jad & The Ladyboy – Stroke You Down <<< Free via Soundcloud >>>
05. Jona Saucedo – Beverly
06. Rusty Patter & London Colin – Phatter Chatter
07. Blondie – Rapture (Luxxury Edit)
08. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Gold Snake
09. Moustache Love – Knitted 3
10. 78 Edits – Slick
11. P-sol – Keep On Truckin’
12. Diana Ross – The Boss (Pyxis Edit) <<< Free via Soundcloud>>>
13. Robjamweb – Bionic Love
14. DJ Moar – Funky Cat
15. Joseph Terruel – Trying To Be Me
16. Dr Packer – Contemplating
17. The Starkiller – Little Fluffy Contrails